Research Thesis

Research Publications Research Thesis

1. Attachment Styles, Depressive Symptomatology and Self Concept in Adolescents Tooba Khalid (12001162004)
Supervisor Dr. Sadia Saleem
2. Perceived Parental Rearing Practices and its Relationship With Cognitive Error in Adolescence Maria Naseem (12001162002)
Supervisor Dr. Sadia Saleem
3. Interpersonal Difficulties, Social Intelligence and Mental Health Problems in University Students Zubia Ihsan (12001162003)
Supervisor Dr. Zahid Mahmood
4. Personality Types and Burnout in University Students Afifa Shahzad (12001146001)
Supervisor by Dr. Sadia Saleem
5. Job Related Stressors and Mental Health of Police Officers Ayesha Tariq (12001146014)
supervisor by Dr. Zahid Mahmood
6. Neurological Deficits among HIV/AIDS Patients Farah Majeed (12001146015)
supervisor by Dr. Zahid Mahmood
7. Sensation Seeking and Mental Health Problems in University Students Feryal Iqbal (12001146005)
supervisor Dr. Zahid Mahmood
8. Sleep Problems and Mental Health Issues in University Students Humaira Farid (12001146010)
supervisot Dr. Zahid Mahmood
9. Perceived Parenting Styles and Fears in Mainstream and Shanty Town School Children Maheen Saleem (12001146006)
supervisot Dr.Sadia Saleem
10. Social Intelligence and Rule breaking Behaviors in Adolescent Boys Mahreen Naeem (12001146009)
Supervisor Dr. Zahid Mahmood
11. A study of Knowledge and Attitudes towards HIV/AIDS among Healthcare Providers Naila Irum (12001146011)
Supervisor Dr. Zahid Mahmood
12. Occupational Stressors, Coping Styles and Mental Health Problems in Nurses of Private and Government Hospitals Najda Khawaja (12001146002)
Supervisor Dr. Zahid Mahmood
13. Attachment Patterns, Emotional and Behavioral Problems and Social Intelligence in Shantytown and Mainstream School Children Sabeeka Pervaiz (12001146013)
supervisot Dr.Sadia Saleem.
14. Emotional and Behavioral Problem and Coping Strategies in Orphan and Non-Orphan Institutionalized Adolescents Shazia Sharif (12001146007)
Supervisor Dr.Sadia Saleem
15. Perceived Parental Disharmony and Experience of Bullying Victimization in Adolescents Siham Amjad (12001146012)
Supervisor Dr.Sadia Saleem
16. Parenting Styles, Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms and Interpersonal Issues in University Student Unaiza Rizwan (12001146003)
Supervisor Dr.Sadia Saleem

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