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Research Publications Research Thesis

1. OCD in a cultural context: A phenomenological approach Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
2. A Study of relationship between Authoritarian and Permissive Parenting Style and levels of Depression, Anxiety and LFT in female post graduate students Tazvin Ijaz, & Zahid Mahmood
3. The development of an indigenous Obsessive-Compulsive Scale Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
4. Development of indigenous resilience scale for Rescue 1122 workers. Madiha Naz, Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
5. Differential diagnosis of autism and mental retardation: Issues and possible solutions. Sajjad Ahmad & Zahid Mahmood
6. Development of a scale for assessing emotional and behavioral problems of school children. Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
7. The impact of trauma of Rescue 1122 workers Madiha Naz, Sadia Saleem, Zahid Mahmood & Rizwan Naseer
8. Assessing psychological problems in University students in Pakistan: A psychometric study. Zahid Mahmood & Sadia Saleem
9. The development of a self-esteem scale for children in Pakistan. Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
10. Personal construct system of a runaway adolescent. Tazvin Ijaz & Zahid Mahmood
11. Relationship between emotional and behavioral and school performance of adolescents. Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
12. Resilience scale for athletes. Sara Subhan & Tazvin Ijaz
13. The development of a Self-esteem Scale for University Students. Nazia Zafar, Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
14. Development and validation of social intelligence scale for university students. Shazia Habib, Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
15. Risk and protective factors of emotional and behavioral problems in school children: A prevalence study. Sadia Saleem & Zahid Mahmood
16. Mental Health Problems in University Students: A prevalence study. Sadia Saleem, Zahid Mahmood,& Madiha Naz
17. Dyslexia a Myth or Reality: Identification of Dyslexia in School Children of Grade Fourth and Fifth. Fatima Naeem, Zahid Mahmood & Sadia Saleem
18. Self Reported Depressive Symptomatology in Adolescents: A Psychometric Study. Sadia Saleem, Tooba Khalid & Zahid Mahmood
19. Development of Interpersonal Difficulties Scale for University Students Dr. Zahid Mahmood, Dr. Sadia Saleem and Ms. Zubia Ihsan

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