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MS Counselling Psychology

The Institute of Clinical Psychology has launched the Two-Year MS Counselling Psychology Program, first time in Pakistan in 2015. This professional program of training in counselling psychology theoretical as well as applied. This course provides a thoroughly supervised training by qualified professionals with a declaration to abide by agreed ethical standards at all times. The training should be visibly geared to meeting the needs of the community. The professional counselling psychologist should ensure to achieve professional excellence and mastery in their field and continue to improve their standards by keeping abreast with the new developments.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • BS (Hon) in Psychology with CGPA of 2.5/4.00 or M.Sc Psychology with 1stDivision 60% marks from a reputable and HEC recognized University.
  • The candidate is selected on the performance of the Admission Test and Interview of ICP UMT Lahore.
  • Personal suitability to become a Counselling Psychologist is essential.

Program Code 257

Total 42+6 CH

                                                         Semester-I: Foundation of Counselling Psychology                            12CH

Course Code

Course title



Fundamentals of Counselling Psychology

3 CH


Advanced Counselling Skills and Techniques

3 CH


Counselling Shadowing

3 CH


Professional and Ethical Issues in Counselling

3 CH

                                                          Semester –II: Child Counselling Psychology                                     12CH

Course Code

Course title



Child Counselling

4 CH


Research Methods in Counseling Psychology

4 CH


Case Studies-I

4 CH

                                                         Semester –III: Adult Psychology                                                        12CH

Course Code

Course Title



Adult Counselling

4 CH


Statistical Methods

4 CH


Case Studies-II

4 CH

                                                        Semester –IV: Thesis                                                                            12CH

Course Code

Course Title



Specialized Area

  • Health Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling

3 CH


Case Studies – III

3 CH



6 CH




Q1: Is GAT Compulsory for Ph.D?

A: Yes, however result can be submitted within year of course completion

Q2: What is the merit for Ms Counseling, Ms Clinical Psychology & Ph.D?

A: Merit changes every time, however we strictly adhere to our criteria of 1st division in the most recent degree, 50% passing marks in entry test and comparatively good scoring in interview.

Q3: When is the last date for admissions?

A: 29th  August,2018, Contact [email protected] for further details

Q4: Is there any Top-up or diploma course in ICP, UMT?

A: No we don’t hold top-up or any diploma course

Q5: What is the schedule for Ph.D and MS classes

A: Ph.D classes from Tuesday to Thursday (2:00-5:00pm), MS classes from Monday to Friday 8:00-5:00pm

Q6: What is the Fee Structure for MS and Ph.D

A: Visit for complete fee structure

Q7: How to prepare for the entry test of MS Clinical & Counselling?

A: History of psychology, general psychology, child and adult psychopathology, Psychological assessment and Interventions, DSM-5, Basic statistics, research & APA. MCQ’S =70 marks, APA=10 Marks, Statistics Analyses: Graph and Table interpretation=20 Marks

Q8: What is the format of entry test of Ph.D?

A: It will be all subjective, essay based, relevant to your clinical and research experience

Q: Is there any weekend program of MS or Ph.D?

A: Not at all

Q: Can we apply online?

A: Yes, Visit…/Download-Forms.aspx

Q: Do you have any other campus of ICP?

A: Yes, ICP in Sialkot Campus. Currently we have only one course running over there i.e. MS Clinical Psychology

Q: Is GAT Compulsory for Ms Counseling, Ms Clinical Psychology?

A: No only department’s entry test is compulsory

Q: Will there be any other round of entry test after 29th  August?

A: No


For furthur querry you may contact: [email protected]


Professional and Ethical Issues in Counselling

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