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Expanding Clinical Counselling Service to the Public

Sunday, April 19, 2020

========Expanding Clinical Counselling Service to Public==========
The Institute of Clinical Psychology, UMT has been offering professional counselling service to the students, staff and faculty of UMT for the last ten years. In view of the dire situation created by the spread of COVID-19 a number of people have been experiencing psychological distress, anxiety, sleep problems and mood changes and many others are being reported in the press. Indeed our own researches carried out at ICP have shown that the impact of the disruptions caused by this widespread virus and the devastation to personal and public life in more than 200 countries and billions of people is unprecedented in our history. Although the virus itself is not a killer still it causes death in the weak and frail and to date we have not found any treatment.

There are a lot of people who are having psychological symptoms, some rather severely.
Such conditions can be helped, by professionally qualified trained and experienced clinical psychologists and clinical counsellors. We, at The Institute of Clinical Psychology , University of Management and Technology have been training clinical psychologists for many years and we also run MS in Clinical Counselling. Based on our knowledge, training and experience we can and do help individuals with psychological problems of everyday life like stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and so on.

We already run a professional service for all the students and the faculty of UMT. In view of the recent developments we are offering our Clinical Counselling Services to the public as well. The service is free and totally confidential. We have a team of ten professionals who can help. At present we can deal with you mainly through email.
please take use the email address below and some will respond as soon as possible
[email protected]

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