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Zobia Amin

Clinical Counselor

Institute of Clinical Psychology

 : zobia.amin@umt.edu.pk     : 3549   

                                                                                              Zobia Amin

Clinical Counsellor

Institute of Clinical Psychology

University of Management and Technology

Practicing license holder of UAE as Clinical Psychologist

I completed my MS Clinical Psychology in 2008 from Government College University Lahore, Pakistan. My semesters consisted of Psychopathology, Assessment and Psychotherapies in both Special Children and Adult semester. School counseling semester consisted of assessment and Management plans. My optional subject was Neuro psychology, along with internships and five case reports in each semester. Research topic I selected was “Relationship between Obsessive compulsive Symptoms and problem faced by graduating students”. Licensed practitioner of Hypnosis since December 2011  

I have more than eight years experience of Practicing as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. I wrote different articles in Khaleej times newspaper of United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). I got license to Practice as a Clinical Psychologist in 2015. I did volunteer work in Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital which consisted of Counselling of the Cancer patients and their families after they are diagnosed and are recommended palliative care which consisted of Psycho education and supportive therapy along with Cognitive Behavior therapy. I participated in research conducted by Burnel University in Shaukat Khanam about the emotions and feelings of the females who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

I worked in Oasis Trust School [Special School for Autism, (morning time)] from February 2012 to March 2014 as Clinical Psychologist. I was involved in observing teachers and student’s behaviors and than making Behavior Management Plans after I have discussed about the child with the teacher. I supervised all the Social groups and Circle time conducted by the teachers and trained teachers how to conduct it creatively. I attended and participated in all the training workshops held in Oasis on Autism and Makton sign languages. I was awarded certificate on passing the test by obtaining more than 70 percent marks. I conducted workshops on Social Groups, Circle time and Behavior Management to the teachers and staff of Oasis. I used listening therapy with different students in Oasis. I was actively involved in arranging and maintaining Schedule, Play area and Sensory area for the Autistic students at Oasis.

I worked in Recovery center (evening time) from November 2011 to October 2015 as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. I was involved in Assessment through history taking, observation and different objective and projective tests, and Management through Counselling and Psychotherapies using integrative therapies including Behavior management plans, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Hypnosis and psycho analysis according to the issues and individual having problems. I saw wide variety of Clients with different problems in different age range, consisting normal Children, special Children, Adults and old age people. I also worked with people having neurological problems such as epilepsy, stroke and Dementia involving both the client and their families. I supervised many students doing their internship in recovery and gave them individual attention discussing about the clients and on different topics of Clinical Psychology.

I had been external examiner for case studies of MS Clinical Psychology. I joined University of Management and Technology as visiting Faculty in 2014 and supervised cases and case reports of Adult Semester of MS Clinical Psychology. I delivered lecturers to MS Clinical Psychology.  I started working as full time employ in October 2015 as Clinical Counsellor in the Institute Of Clinical Psychology. I have been conducting Psychotherapeutic sessions and keeping records of Students and Staff of UMT. I worked on different emotional, psychological, inter and intra personal issues. I worked on printing awareness pamphlets on different issues. I am actively involved in lecturing and discussing cases of MS Clinical Psychology and MS Counselling. I moderated and presented paper in the national conference of ICP. I have invigilated exams in UMT. I am Interested and working on developing Counselling services for the community.

I am interested in researching on problems of students, relationships issues, martial issues, and effectiveness of Counselling.

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